Log-in and IT issues

From the internal LearnUpon login page log in using your University username and password.

Still not working?

New staff:

If you started work after 1st Sept 2019 you will have access to LearnUpon so the most likely cause is a problem with your login details. Please log a call on SID, by opening a new Enquiry and selecting “Mandatory Training General Enquiry” from the category list and describing your problem in the text box provided.

Existing claims/casual/Associate staff

If you started work before 1stSeptember you will not have access to LearnUpon for now. We expect all staff categories to have full LearnUpon access by September 2020. If you have been asked to complete mandatory training as part of your role please ask your line manager to log a call on SID, by opening a new Enquiry and selecting “Mandatory Training General Enquiry” from the category list and describing the requirement in the text box provided.

More information covering a wide range of problems and topics can be found in the LearnUpon FAQs.


  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.6
  • 128MB free RAM; 100MB free hard disk space; 32-bit colour graphics card; 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  • Sound card and speakers or headphones (for courses with audio only); Keyboard and mouse    

The "All staff" mandatory training courses are published in HTML5 and are compatible with all modern browsers, including IE, Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

In rare cases, the running of HTML5 may be blocked within IE/Edge, and in such cases we would recommend using an alternative browser.

Other online training may still use FlashPlayer and in these cases FlashPlayer needs to be enabled and IE may be a better browser to use.

The latest versions of the four “All staff” training courses will all work on any Apple device although they do not perform so well on iPads.

Other training courses may still require Flash which may need setup: Flash is not supported on iPads.

To set up Flash on a Mac: open your browser in the toolbar, go to Preferences, Websites, click on the flash plug-in and then enable/allow the browser to use Flashplayer. The browser in Mac will not automatically apply Flash to sites unless you tell it to, this is for security purposes.

If you are trying to launch one of the four "All staff" mandatory training courses (Information Governance, Health & Safety, Equality Diversity & Inclusivity, Prevent Duty) and you are experiencing problems launching one or more of these courses, firstly try opening the course in a different browser. If this does not work then please record the problem via SID Online by starting a New Enquiry and choosing “Mandatory Training General Enquiries” from the drop-down “Category” list.

If you are trying to run any other online course it may require the latest version of FlashPlayer to be enabled. If not, you may just see a grey or blank screen.  In order to enable the latest version of FlashPlayer complete the following;

1. Click on the following link: https://get3.adobe.com/flashplayer/update/plugin/

2. Read the terms and conditions and then click install

3. A message will appear at the bottom of the screen, wait for it to finish Initializing then click open

4. Click Yes

5. Click Finish and then Restart your computer

Any personal earphones or headphones that are used in personal audio devices are likely to work by connecting to your headphone connection on your computer

Open the course in a different browser. Close down all other applications and windows.

LearnUpon is the learning management system that hosts e-Learning courses for University "staff" (including paid and unpaid associates, casual workers and anyone with a University IT account).  

No, you need to complete the "All staff" training.  It can be accessed via the emails in your "staff" email inbox (as opposed to your student email inbox).