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Change - Supporting and Embracing Change

Change happens around us all of the time, some is low level and we have procedures and processes in place to support it and adapt.  Other changes are larger, organisation level changes such as the creation of the new Faculties within the University and the introduction of Strategy 2030.  These larger changes may require more consideration, thought and planning, in order to ensure we are able to seek out the opportunities that the changes are offering and to maintain a positive mindset.

The webinars and self-study resources listed below aim to support colleagues in whatever capacity you are involved in with ‘Change’.  There are lots more resources covering all aspects of Change in our LearnSmart resource centre: Change Resources in LearnSmart

If you are involved in a specific change project the University Change Blueprint is constructed to support the phases of a change initiative from diagnosing the problem to sustaining the desired changes.  Exeter University Change Blueprint Quick Start Guide

Live training:

The following webinars are available to all staff, follow the links for more details:


Self-Study Opportunities:

A great way to start considering ‘change’ is to watch the Jason Clarke – Embracing Change TED Talk, it is 18 mins and gives a relatable view of change, including common themes, phrases and feelings employees have towards change – reflect on your own / team situation in relation to the areas Jason discusses.

Then work through the Managing Change Skillbook : this booklet is designed to take just one hour and will help you better understand your approach and role in the management of change. You can explore further resources in Change Resources in LearnSmart around subjects that fall out the booklet exercises, a few examples include:


Activities to do with your team:

Taking your team with you and helping them to feel prepared is really important in times of significant change.  The following resources are aimed at supporting teams to work together through change:

  •  Preparing for Change: A Change Management Exercise – takes 30-60 mins depending in the size of your team.  This exercise should be held shortly after the announcement of a change in your team, department or organisation. It is best suited for groups of six to ten people.
  • Visualising Change in a Group - This exercise is designed to help participants plan organisational change by expressing their ideas as sketches. It is best used when there is a specific problem to be addressed.

Live training:


The following webinars are available to all staff, follow the links for more details:


Self-Study Opportunities:


You may feel that you are going through various emotions around ‘changes’ being proposed in the workplace, the Coping with Change article and video introduces stages that you may recognise in relation to change proposals.  Follow it up with these Embracing Change and How to Make Change Work for You articles in order to start identifying the positives within the proposed changes.  Discuss any concerns or ideas for how to move forward positively with your manager.


Consider how you can remain positive and resilient through workplace changes, the following resources may be of help: