Positive Mindset Toolkit

Join Clinical Psychologist Vikki Barnes to help you foster a positive mindset and continue to learn and grow from your experiences (“to be your best self no matter what you are going through”) in and beyond the current working situation.

The toolkit involves six distinct but interrelated topics: Stay Connected, Find the Calm, Mindfulness, Find Balance, Gratitude and One Good Thing. Please see below to book on to webinars on each of these.

About Vikki

Vikki is a practising Clinical Psychologist and an Alumna of the University of Exeter.  Vikki has a substantial online following and presence and is renowned in the sector for her approach to a positive mindset and solution focus. For more information please visit Vikki's social media.

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Stay Connected

Isolation has meant different things for different people but has affected all of us in significant ways. Loneliness is borne out of isolation and is a major cause of mental ill-health. By learning new and meaningful ways of staying connected, we can help ourselves and each other.

Learning Outcomes

  • Impact of isolation on mental health
  • Importance of talking
  • How checking in can help
  • Creating a virtual community


Find the Calm

The world and our lives are bustling and busy, which over time, can have a negative effect on our mental health. We must seek more opportunities for generating peace and tranquillity, which are vital for mental wellbeing.

Learning Outcomes

  • Exploring what makes you calm
  • Benefits of tranquil spaces
  • Mental health in nature and at home



There’s a good reason that everyone’s talking about mindfulness at the moment – because it works. Focusing on the moment we’re in and staying present helps us feel in control and able to cope with everything else that may be going on around us.

Learning Outcomes

  • Overview of mindfulness
  • Benefits of being mindful
  • Practical applications of mindfulness


Find Balance

We feel better when we feel that the important parts of our lives are nice and balanced. To create more balance, we need to shift our perspective to a more healthy one.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gaining perspective
  • Problem permanence
  • Problem pervasiveness



Focusing on what we are thankful for has a significant impact on our wellbeing and is a simple, effective technique to increase positive hormones for ourselves and those around us.

Learning Outcomes

  • Starting with statements
  • Journalling
  • Gratitude and the brain


One Good Thing

Our brains are hard-wired for negativity, so we need to make a special effort to counteract difficulties by focusing on the good things that surround us every day. It is a simple yet effective technique to improve happiness.

Learning Outcomes

  • Noticing the good
  • Creating a habit
  • End of day reflection