Developing Teams

Team-building events can be a great way of bringing individuals together to develop, learn and have fun as a team. These events can not only be enjoyable on the day, but can also have a long-lasting impact on the effectiveness of the team and the wider organisation.  See our Top Tips for Running a Team-Building Event to get you started.


Local Team Building 

In the first instance we encourage teams to develop events themselves, this can aid communication and working practices.  Consider the purpose of the event, what do you want to have achieved by the end of the session? There are a lot of free resources available that you can use to develop all aspects of your team.  Our online learning portal LearnSmart contains lots of suggested activities, guides and ideas that you can use:

LearnSmart Team Building Resources

Or search within LearnSmart for a particular area of interest that you want to develop.


Bespoke Team Building

People Development can help you design team sessions, conduct skills audits and training needs analysis, facilitate team activities and explore team profiles. Complete the initial query form and a member of our team will be in touch. 

Bespoke Training Enquiry Form


Community Challenge

Alternatively take the opportunity to develop the way your team works and give something back to the local community through a Community Challenge or by undertaking other volunteering activities