Refocusing our resources

Taking account of the current global health crisis and its impact on the University, we are considering how to refocus our resources onto essential activities that we need to continue over the coming weeks and months.

If you think you may be able offer your time, and prioritise some of this critical work over your normal role for a short period, please discuss with your line manager and then get in touch with the team or click on the ‘information for staff’ link below.

Please note this service is only for short term immediate needs that have arisen due to the current global pandemic. Any other short term requirements should be covered within your team or department for now. For any requirements longer than 12 weeks you will need to submit an SR1 form.

We are inviting colleagues to complete the online form, which will collect information on your skills, interests and availability.

Managers requiring immediate short term resource during this time can also request help via the form detailed in the managers’ section below.

The Temporary Resourcing Team are looking after the Refocusing our Resources work and will be matching staff to vacancies that come through.

Refocusing our Resources – Available roles

Reading List Assistant, ESS, Library  

Grade & Working Pattern: C Grade and Full Time: 36.5 hours a week 

Dates: ASAP – 25th September 2020  

Description of Work required: These individuals must be comfortable with technology, can learn new applications quickly and work with a high degree of accuracy. The work requires liaising closely with academics by E-Mail and Teams. They will use Shared drives, Teams, SharePoint, Outlook and Excel to access the administration side of the service. Then they will be taking word or pdf documents and building a digitised reading list using Talis Aspire reading list software, ELE and our e-resources across multiple platforms. They must learn to understand the nature of e-resources, authentication and copyright use of resources, plus the accessibility side of resources for all users. They will also use the Digital Content Store (a web-based tool) to upload and reuse scans they have done themselves or which have been done by colleagues or staff. Then they will need to use ELE tools and insert the reading lists in the appropriate places in academic modules.


Senior Administrator, Rapid Response Hub, CRG, IIB 

Grade & Working Pattern: E Grade, Full time Based at home then at Rapid Response Hub Streatham Campus 

Dates: ASAP for 6 weeks possibly extended to 12 

Description of Work required: To assist the Rapid Response Hub in the setup of the RRH. This includes setting up processes and systems, developing SOPs (H&S guidance for each task), dealing with confidential medical information (DBS check and Data Protection Training), coordinating delivering & Pick Up Courier service (and to RD&E Labs). Booking people into Sandy Park Testing Centre, will have to work autonomously, under pressure with the ability to balance multiple tasks


Student Experience Business Intelligence/ Data Analyst, Strategic Delivery Unit, Student Experience Project 

Grade & Working Pattern: Full Time or Part Time  

Dates:ASAP - 30th Sept 2020 (possible extension) 

Description of Work required:Experience on reporting tools e.g. Cognos Analytics, Tableau, PowerBI, etc. or data manipulation tools e.g. SQL to create a new dashboard on student engagement using existing data sources in UoE systems


Induction Coordinator, Strategic Delivery Unit, Student Experience Project 

Grade & Working Pattern:Full Time – 36.5 hours a week 

Dates: ASAP - 30th Sept 2020 (possible extension) 

Description of Work required:To track all induction content and ensue that services are making sure the content is up to a standard ready for the new Student IT Shop front. This would involve poking people to do their updates, helping with branding/visual consistency in liaison with the design team, potentially mucking in and doing updates too. The team are not able to provide equipment for working from home, so must have own laptop/computer with a good internet connection.


Immigration Compliance Assistant, Education & Student Support, Student Immigration Services

Grade & Working Pattern: C Grade, 36.5 hours, Mon-Fri – 9:00am-17:15pm

Dates: 7th September 2020 – 27th November 2020

Description of Work required: Scanning Biometric Residence Permits, distributing BRPs to students and scanning their passports, uploading documents and inputting data to SITS. This role is based on Streatham Campus


International Student Airport Collection Service Coordinator, Project Experience Induction Theme Lead

Grade & Working Pattern: D or E Grade, Part-time, 15 hours Mon- Fri to support admin of bookings and coordination with accommodation. With full days to support the programmed Airport Collection Days: 27-28 August, 24 - 25 September, 8 - 9 October and then in early Term 2.

Dates: 3rd August 2020 – 12th October 2020

Description of Work required: Working with the Transition and Integration Officer in ESS as part of Project Experience you will coordinate the bookings of internationally travelling students, new and returning, onto the Airport Collection Service and then liaise with Accommodation Services and Residence Life teams to ensure the students have a seamless experience. You will also be asked to travel by private coach (with other members of staff) to LHR to coordinate students getting onto coaches back to Exeter/Penryn. All travel and accommodation costs will be covered, you will not be expected to travel on public transport but will travel either by private coach or minibus. Due to the staggered term dates and quarantine requirements there are currently four collection periods planned: 27th & 28th August, 24th & 25th September, 8th & 9th October and one to support PGT Term 2 start date that is tbc.


International Student Airport Collection Service Helper, Project Experience Induction Theme Lead

Grade & Working Pattern: Could be any Grade - C/D/E, Long days on those mentioned.

Dates: Full days in pairs as follows: 27th and 28th August, 3rd and 4th September, 24th and 25th September, 8th and 9th October

Description of Work required: University staff are needed to support the enhanced Airport Collection Service by travelling from Exeter to London Heathrow to support newly arrived international students onto coaches destined for Exeter/Penryn/ You would travel by coach to LHR on day 1, gather students onto coaches for travel to Exeter/Penryn at intervals through the morning. You would stay overnight in a suitable hotel and then meet further students arriving the following day supporting them onto coaches before returning to Exeter yourself. All travel and subsistence costs covered. No travel on public transport or on the coaches with the newly arrived students. This service runs over several days listed above, ideally the same staff member would support several days but there is flexibility to enable this service to run.


Administrative Assistant, CEDAR, Psychology - Education Services 

Grade & Working Pattern: C Grade and Full Time preferably 

Dates: 3rd August 2020 - 2nd October 2020 

Description of Work required: Admin support to team: Processing mitigation requests, Monitoring team email accounts, Collation of recruitment information (student applications), Range of delegated work from team of programme administrators – including timetables, marks, results, tapes.


Carbon Evaluator, Professional Services, Environment and Climate Emergency Team 

Grade & Working Pattern: Will consider all grades and will shape responsibilities up or down depending on worker 

Dates: ASAP – 30th September 2020  

Description of Work required: To review environmental savings initiatives from the 'initiatives list', to establish carbon saving methodology which can be rolled out for multiple initiatives / groups of similar initiatives, support the assessment and development of the carbon saving plan to Carbon Net Zero. 


Operations Assistant/Officer

Global Advancement (GA), Data Team with Operations Team of GA

Grade & working pattern: C Grade (however, role could be shaped to include D or E grade responsibilities if necessary) Up to full timer M-F between 8am & 6pm, as available.

Dates: ASAP – 31 August 2020

Description of work required: Primarily, this is a mass data-processing role. The worker would need existing advanced skills in data processing, including Excel and/or a database system such as SITS. The role would mainly be using GA's bespoke database system, Raiser's Edge. The role would be responsible for assisting the Data Team in the acquisition, cleaning/transforming, input/import, querying and export of data relating to alumni & supporters, to facilitate GA's work of engagement with and fundraising from the university's alumni and other supporters.

Refocusing our Resources is now available for the Research community to assist with urgent short term requirements/ cover for up to 3 months. This will allow researchers with spare capacity from their current roles, with agreement from the line manager, to work on other projects across the University who need urgent additional support. It will provide researchers with experience in other areas and help PIs with critical staffing requirements.

We are inviting colleagues to complete the TR6 – Opportunity to support other Research Projects online form, which will collect information on your skills, interests and availability. 

Managers/ PIs requiring immediate short term resource up to 12 weeks during this time can also request help via the TR7 – Request for resource (Research) on line form.  

Available roles will be advertised through the Refocusing our Resources web pages which are part of the Coronavirus HR Support section. There will also be entries on the weekly bulletin and vacancies sent out to those who have already completed a TR6 form. 

All potential matches will then be reviewed and where relevant forwarded to the initiating PI for selection. This is not a formal recruitment process where the staff member is already engaged by the university and may consist of an informal interview/ meeting. Once an agreement has been made with the successful staff member Temporary Resourcing should be informed who will then send an email confirming the details of the role and inform any unsuccessful candidates. Any staff assisting in other areas will continue to be paid their current rate, unless working in a higher graded position where the additional payment will be made.

There will be no budget transfer between the new area of work and the originating budget if the Researcher works in this financial year, but this is being reviewed for the new financial year where completed calendar months are being worked.

TheTemporary Resourcing Team are looking after the Refocusing our Resources work and will beadministrating the vacancies that come through and can be contacted for further information. 



There are currently no Research vacancies available.

Please email us to register your interest for any of the roles above and if you haven't already done so please complete the TR4 online form.