Refocusing our Resources - For Managers/ PIs

If you are a line manager and require help during these unprecedented times please complete the online TR5 form. If you are looking for support with Research projects please complete the TR7 – Request for resource (Research)

Priority will be given to essential areas across the University and then on a first come first served basis.

This will be dependent on the availability of the person helping you and when the University becomes fully operational again.

This service will be managed by the Temporary Resourcing team who can be contacted by email: and will be able to advise further.

Absolutely, as staff become unavailable please complete the TR5 request form.

The team will respond within one working day to your request, with next steps and further details.

Notes for PIs

Please complete the TR7 – Request for resource (Research) 

  • Your vacancy will be forwarded to all staff who have completed a TR6 form and advertised through the web pages and weekly bulletin where appropriate 
  • Once a list of interested staff is compiled they will be forward to you for shortlisting and selection 
  • If more than one person with the essential skills and experience applies you will need to undertake a shortlisting process 
  • Please confirm the successful candidate/s to the Temporary Resourcing Team with details of the start date/ time, end date, hours agreed and who they will need to contact on the first day of the role  
  • Arrange any additional IT access if it is different to their normal role  
  • The TR team will confirm the details agreed via email to the successful candidate/s and inform those that were unsuccessful who asked for their names to be put forward 
  • Please inform the Temporary Resourcing Team when the work package has been completed