Approval process: Business school pilot

We are currently piloting a new approval process for global employment requests within the Business School. 

For all queries within the Business School, please use the Online Global Employment Request Form (Pilot)

Please note that other Colleges and Professional Services departments should continue to use the current Initiation Form process. 

The objective of this new process and the online approval workflow is to achieve the following:  

  • A clearer approval process, focussing on the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder in the approval process, including managers to support a better adoption of our policies. 
  • Digitise and automate all parts of the process with a view to provide clarity, limit email traffic, prevent the risks of versioning or loss of information and creating an auditable record of actions taken on a case. 

With three distinct approval stages (Line Manager, Department’s Decision Maker’s approval in principle, then final approval following full advice), the key stakeholders are informed via email at every step of a request’s development to ensure greater clarity. The Global Employment Requests UEBS pilot online approval process provides an outline of this new process and should be read in alongside with the Global Mobility Case management process flowchart (draft).  

We will test the process and solution from December 2021 onwards and for a period of 3 to 6 months, depending on how quickly we manage to cover and test all possible scenarios with live cases within the Business School. 

The feedback from all key stakeholders (HoDs, Research cluster, employees, line manager, College Operations, HR) will be instrumental to the success of this initiative and will help us move this project from a minimum viable product to a robust solution that we can roll out at University level. If you are taking part in the pilot, please can you use the following feedback form to share your feedback and suggestions for improvement (anonymous process).