I have an overseas working project, what should I do?

The manager should complete the Global Mobility Initiation Form and send it to the Director of College Operations for approval (with a copy to your College's HR Business Partner).

If the project is approved in principle, the HRBP liaises with the HR Global Mobility Advisor.

The HR Global Mobility Advisor will provide the College with an initial advice, including:

  • Analysis of the various implications of the overseas working case
  • Risk analysis
  • Cost estimates
  • The HR Global Mobility Advisor will also inform the College if external advice should be sought and will provide quotation fees accordingly.

If the project is fully approved following the provision of the initial advice, the HR Global Mobility Advisor will support the College in its implementation.

Please note that if your overseas working project is related to a study leave, you should complete a PD10 and follow the process enclosed instead.


For any question in relation to working overseas, please contact the HR Global Mobility Advisor, Linda Falouti