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Investigating Officers Required

We are looking for volunteers (grade F and above and employed by the University in any role) who would like to broaden their skills and experience by becoming an Investigating Officer (IO) for the University. We would particularly like to hear from academic colleagues who would like to undertake the training, as they are currently underrepresented in the group.

The University of Exeter is a large and complex organisation with ambitious goals. In order to support the achievement of those goals and enable the organisation to support and develop its people, it is crucial that the performance and conduct of its staff is positively managed in a consistently fair, legal and transparent manner and this is where the role of the IO is vital.

As an IO you will be required to investigate concerns that are raised by staff and managers so that these can be appropriately addressed and resolved. You will receive full training and support in this role and be part of a group of IO’s that are asked from time to time, to conduct a full investigation into the facts of any case in a thorough and fair manner.

The role of IO is carried out in conjunction with your normal duties and responsibilities for the University, and therefore you need to be comfortable that your role will allow you to do this, and also crucially, that you will have the support and understanding of your line manager.

Staff who have undertaken the training and carried out investigations have found this has been beneficial to their own career development. We do ask however that if you complete the training, that you commit to undertaking at least one or two investigations a year (depending on scope and complexity).

If you are interested in taking up this opportunity then please in the first instance ensure your manager is happy with you doing this (it is essential that you have the support of your line manager in order to be able to carry out the IO role in addition to your normal duties) and then, if so, email your interest to If you have any queries about the role then please also email