Short term absences

This covers short term intermittent absences, defined by the University, as any absence of four weeks or less. Depending on its duration, it may be self certificated using the electronic sickness recording process, or PD77 if the employee has no access to email or University systems (one calendar week or less) or medically certificated (8 days or more).

Certification process for all short-term absence

Absence of one calendar week or lessAbsence of more than one calendar week but less than four
Employee self certificates Employee self certificates and GP certificate required
On return to work, manager conducts a return to work interview with employee

Guidelines for all short-term absences

  • Employees should telephone their line manager (or nominated person i.e. sickness coordinator) on the first day of absence, advising the reason for their absence, how long they expect to be off work and indicating any work commitments, e.g. meetings which need to be rearranged.
  • When an employee returns from each period of sickness absence, it is good practice for the manager to talk to them to welcome the employee back and to check that they are well enough for work. It is also an opportunity to review and discuss attendance issues with the individual as appropriate (see Return to Work).
  • If an employee’s absences start to become a concern, further action may be required (see Recurrent Short Term Absences).