Process summary

  • When a line manager/supervisor with their HR Business Partner identify a member of staff for whom advice is needed regarding fitness to work, there should be an open dialogue between the manager and the member of staff concerned. The referral, and the reason for it, must be discussed with the employee.

  • All referrals should be made by a HR Business Partner on form PD36. The form should be completed in full and forwarded to OH by post or email (it does not need to be addressed to a specific/named person in OH).

  • The member of staff must be copied into the referral document(s). During the meeting with the employee, OH will discuss the information provided in the PD36 referral form and any attached documents, so OH will normally treat all information provided by the manager(s) as part of the referral process as discloseable to the employee.

  • Exceptionally, if there is any relevant information that needs to be communicated to OH as part of the referral which should be kept confidential from the employee, a separate document should be completed and clearly marked "Confidential to Occupational Health: not for disclosure to [name of referred employee]" and sent with the other referral documents. OH will contact the HR Business Partner making the referral if keeping this information confidential is likely to be problematic or a concern.

  • OH will send an appointment to the member of staff concerned, normally within 5 working days.

  • OH will aim to see (or at least offer an appointment date) to referred members of staff within a fortnight of receiving the completed referral form.

  • OH will aim to report back to the referring manager within 5 working days of the OH consultation. OH will telephone the relevant manager with a preliminary report ahead of a written report if there is likely to be a delay beyond 5 working days.