When a member of staff has been formally referred to the OH service, a written report would normally be sent to the referring HR Business Partner by post or email. This report will be copied to any named person identified in Section D of the PD36 referral form (normally the immediate supervisor and/or line manager). Data protection legislation requires that only managers who ‘need-to-know’ should receive a copy of the report and that those individuals who do receive a copy of the report treat this as confidential.

Data protection legislation and professional codes of practice prevents doctors and nurses from disclosing any clinical information about their patient (i.e. the referred member of staff), without the patient's informed consent/permission. Therefore, reports containing clinical information will only be sent (to those named on the referral form) with the consent of the employee/patient.

If consent is denied, a report will still be sent, but it will not contain any clinical information. This report will however offer an opinion regarding the employee's fitness to work and any limitations that their medical condition might have on their ability to carry out their normal role. Advice regarding reasonable adjustments will be offered if or when necessary.