Meeting to consider requests

While the University can approve an employee’s request without a meeting, if the manager is not minded to approve the request in full, there must be a meeting with the employee before a decision is made.

The manager should write to the employee:

  • acknowledging their request;
  • giving reasonable notification of the time, date and venue of the meeting (a minimum of one week and a maximum of two weeks is recommended);
  • advising them of their right to be accompanied (see below);
  • asking them to confirm their attendance and whether or not they will be accompanied.

If the employee more than once fails to attend a meeting to discuss a request without reasonable cause, the University can treat the request as withdrawn. This should be confirmed to the employee in writing.

Right to be accompanied

The employee has a statutory right to be accompanied by a work colleague (eg a union learning representative) at any meeting, including an appeal meeting. The companion can address the meeting and confer with the employee during it, but may not answer questions independently of the employee.

If the companion is unable to attend the meeting, the employee can ask the manager to rearrange the meeting. The time the employee proposes must be convenient for all attendees, and should take place within seven days of the date originally proposed for the meeting.

Managers may seek further advice from Staff Learning and Development on how to consider and evaluate requests from employees:

  • Managers in Professional Services should contact Clive Betts (Tel: 01392-725348)
  • Managers in Colleges should contact the Head of Staff Learning and Development (