Notification of decision

Once the manager has considered the employee's request for time to train and reached a decision, that decision should be confirmed to the employee in writing within 14 days of that meeting.

If the request is approved, in full or in part, the notification should include the following details:

  • the subject of the study or training;
  • where and when it is expected to take place, and over what period;
  • who will provide or supervise the training;
  • what qualification (if any) the training will lead to the award of;
  • how the training time will be taken - eg whether it will be paid, unpaid, or whether the employee will work flexibly whilst undertaking the training;
  • how the costs of the training will be met.

In cases where the employee has requested more than one type of study/training in a single request, the manager may decide to agree to part of the application and refuse another part. The decision notice must include the information above and make clear which part of the application is agreed and which part is refused.

Alternatively, during discussions in the meeting with the employee, the manager might agree with the employee to meet their training need in a different way. The written notification should confirm the details of that agreement, including written evidence of the employee's agreement to it.

The manager might agree to an employee's request, but foresee circumstances in which it may later be necessary to withdraw that agreement. In such cases, the manager should agree with the employee the circumstances in which agreement will be withdrawn and confirm this in writing to the employee as part of the written acceptance of their request.

If the manager decides that they cannot accommodate all or part of an employee's request for time to train, they must inform them of the decision in writing within 14 days of that meeting of the meeting, setting out:

  • which of the business reasons apply to turning down their request;
  • why the business reason, or reasons, apply in their circumstances;
  • the appeal procedure;
  • the date of the notice.

Template letter for accepting a request
Template letter for not accepting a request

Managers may seek further advice from Staff Learning and Development on how to consider and evaluate requests from employees:

  • Managers in Professional Services should contact Clive Betts (Tel: 01392-725348)
  • Managers in Colleges should contact the Head of Staff Learning and Development (