Submission of requests

In order for a request to be valid, it must be submitted in writing and contain the following information:

  • a statement that the application is an 'application under section 63D Employment Rights Act 1996';
  • the subject matter of the proposed training/study;
  • where and when the proposed training/study would take place;
  • who would provide or supervise it;
  • what qualification it would lead to (if any);
  • how the employee thinks the proposed training/study would improve their effectiveness in the business and the performance of the business;
  • the date of the application;
  • the date and method - eg email or letter - that the employee's last application (if any) was submitted.

Employees can submit requests in any written form provided they contain the above information, but employees should be encouraged to submit requests on form PD191.

The training requested may be an accredited programme - leading to the award of a recognised qualification - or shorter unaccredited training to help the employee develop specific skills relevant to their job, workplace or business. Employees can request training that is delivered in whichever way they believe is most appropriate and effective.

There is no limit on the amount of time - or the amount of study or training - that an employee can request. Employees can ask to undertake more than one piece of training in a single request, eg where they would like to improve their literacy and numeracy skills in addition to another piece of training.