5. This policy uses the term ‘travellers’ to cover those covered by the policy, as defined in the sections on ‘Scope’ and ‘Definitions’.

6. For the purposes of this Policy, business travel is a journey necessarily undertaken by an employee to carry out his/her duties for the University, or to attend training courses or conferences necessary for the performance of those duties.

7. Business travel includes travel for the purposes of Institutional Consultancy but does not include travel for the purposes of Independent Consultancy or any other private work for which the employee is directly remunerated by their client, including attending other Universities as an external examiner or visiting lecturer.

8. Travel between the permanent workplace and a temporary workplace or travel between home and a temporary workplace or travel between two temporary workplaces are considered business journeys.

9. Business travel does not include a personal holiday which is linked to a business journey. Employees should consult the Insurance Office about such journeys in good time before commencing the journey. The Insurance Office may advise that private insurance be taken out to cover the private part of the journey1.

10. Travel by students that falls under the scope of this policy includes:

  • Travel in connection with research activities being undertaken on behalf of the University or, in connection with a taught or research degree programmes or research grant obtained in association with the University.
  • Fieldtrips in connection with taught programmes or research degree programmes.
  • International study abroad programme.
  • International work placements.
  • Where students are representing the University in an official capacity or as part of a recognised event such as a fund-raising or sporting activity.

11. The exception to paragraph 10 is where a student is undertaking travel which is not connected with any University activity – for example, as part of a leisure activity not organised by the University or to undertake work experience not linked to a taught programme (ie non-credit bearing such as work undertaken during vacations).

1 Subject to the terms of the University's current travel insurance policy, and at the discretion of the Insurance and Business Continuity Office, where personal travel is combined with University business travel, it may be possible for this to be covered by the University's current travel insurance policy. An additional premium may be charged to the employee. Contact