Insurance and risk management

15. Failure to provide details of proposed travel and undertake a risk assessment may invalidate insurance cover and contravene health and safety regulations.

16. A comprehensive travel insurance policy has been arranged for international business travel. The policy includes a 24 hour helpline and assistance services in the event that an employee or student requires advice or assistance whilst abroad. See the Insurance cover and claims section of the Finance Services pages for more information.

17. The travel insurance policy includes cover for travel to potentially dangerous parts of the world and for hazardous activities. This must not be taken to mean that the University condones the undertaking of unnecessary risks. Travellers should ensure that there is an up-to-date assessment of any health and safety risks that their trip may expose them to before commencing their travel2. If, after undertaking a risk assessment, any unacceptably high risks are identified, further advice should obtained from Insurance and Business Continuity Services, as this does not necessarily mean that the travel cannot take place.

18. To comply with the requirements of the insurer, the University must maintain records of business travel and student travel. College Deans/Heads of Services are responsible for ensuring that this information is recorded and passed to Insurance and Business Continuity Services in a timely manner.

19. Insurance and Business Continuity Services will take reasonable steps to notify travellers and the designated managers in their College/Service of incidents to which it becomes alerted that it is considered may change the original risk assessment for the travel. These incidents may occur prior to or, during, the travel period and travellers must consider any additional precautions they need to take in light of this information. For this facility to be effective, it is essential that travel details have been approved and entered into the University’s travel notification system.


2 Further information on risk assessments is available from the Insurance cover and claims section of the Finance Services pages or from the Health and Safety Office.