Human Resources Data Protection statement

Information about applicants and members of staff is recorded on the University’s Human Resources database.

Most of this information is collected at the time of application and appointment.

Information provided by applicants and members of staff is held by the University to make and monitor employment decisions, for equality and diversity monitoring and to meet statutory obligations. Information about nationality is recorded to support our compliance with legislation on the right to work in the United Kingdom and to support the University's internationalisation strategy.

Any information provided to the University in this context will be treated confidentially and used only by Human Resources (including Equality and Diversity), managers and other authorised staff during the course of your application and, if appointed, employment.

Where the appointment is externally funded information about you may be passed onto the relevant funding body.

In addition, some information held about members of staff is automatically transferred to other University databases so that members of staff can access University services (for example user registration for IT services, the University card system and the Library system and helpdesk systems) and to facilitate the management and delivery of University services (for example the SITS student records database to enable students to be linked to course tutors and research management systems). For staff based at the University’s Cornwall Campus, some information is automatically transferred to University College Falmouth and FalmouthExeterPlus so that you will have access to shared services on the Cornwall Campus.

The Human Resources database holds information about employees’ home address and telephone number and emergency contact. If any of this information changes, you should update this information directly into Trent Self Service. (If you do not have access to Trent Self Service, you should notify Human Resources.) This information will be made available to a limited number of managers in your College/Service for use in appropriate circumstances including business continuity (see Conditions of use for data from Trent HR system).

The information also enables the University of Exeter to compile the annual HESA staff return. The University is required to send anonymised information, in coded form, about its staff to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) on an annual basis. HESA uses this information for statistical analysis and supplies the data to other statutory bodies and to other users (for example academic researchers and unions). Your name and contact details are not disclosed to HESA and precautions are taken to minimise the risk of identification of individuals from the published and released data. Data about you will not be used by HESA or its customers in a way that would affect you individually. (For more information, see HESA's Staff Collection Notice.)

Members of staff may access information held about them in accordance with the University’s Data Protection Policy – see the Data Protection webpages for more information.

Members of staff are also advised to read the University's Data Protection Policy. Section 3 of this Policy makes reference to information held in the "public domain". If you do not want personal information relating to you being available in the public domain, you should advise your Dean of College or Director of Professional Service or nominated representative.