Annual leave in Trent Self Service

Staff in Colleges and Services are now able to use Trent Self Service to view and book annual leave.

Staff may use Trent Self Service to:

  • view their annual leave balance
  • review any annual leave bookings (including the authorisation status)
  • submit annual leave requests

These extra features can be accessed by clicking on the 'Absence' button on the Self Service homepage. Please note that Self Service users in Colleges and Services that do not use Trent for annual leave will not be able to see this button.

Annual leave authorisation process

When an annual leave request is submitted, the system automatically sends out an email notification to the member of staff and their line manager. If the member of staff uses Self Service to amend or delete the request, the system will send out new notification emails.

When a line manager receives an annual leave notification via email, they can either:

  • click on a link in the email to authorise or reject the request
  • log in to Trent HR as a People Manager (or other College/Service user). This will allow them to review annual leave bookings for all staff who report to them before deciding whether to authorise the new request.

Once the annual leave request has been authorised or rejected, the member of staff will be sent a confirmation email by the system.

More information about the annual leave authorisation process can be found in the Self Service online user guide.

Benefits of self service annual leave

  • No more manual records: The system is web-based, so there's no risk of paperwork being delayed or lost, spreadsheets being deleted, etc
  • Easy access: Users can access the Trent Self Service and Trent HR systems from any PC connected to the University network
  • Automatic calculation: The system automatically calculates the duration of any annual leave bookings and adjusts the annual leave balance (this includes any bank holidays or university closure days)
  • Email notifications: Both line manager and team member will receive an email notification when a request is submitted, amended or cancelled (and the team member will receive another when their request is authorised or rejected) making it easy to keep track of bookings
  • Easy authorisation: Line managers can log into Trent HR to review any outstanding leave requests for their team and authorise them individually or as a block
  • Absence calendar: Line managers can also use an online absence calendar to review annual leave for their entire team before they authorise any new bookings
  • Reduced risk of fraud: Trent prevents staff from mis-using the system to add extra days to their leave entitlement (e.g. by deleting or amending leave they've already taken)
  • Clear reporting line: Each member of staff has a single line manager (or one per position if they have more than one position at the University), so there is no confusion about who is responsible for authorising their annual leave
  • Up-to-date information: All the information on the system is live and up-to-date