What to do if you have a problem using Trent HR

All problems and faults with Trent HR should be directed to the IT Helpdesk at:

After logging your problem/fault, you can also view its progress via e-support.

Please do not contact the Trent Project Team direct: you will be re-directed to speak to the Helpdesk.

Tips for describing your issue to the Helpdesk

Users should remember that standards of confidentiality and data protection apply to issues being referred to the Helpdesk and that all members of IT support teams have access to issues which are recorded on the e-support system. Although users should describe the difficulties they are experiencing in as much detail as possible, they should avoid disclosing any personal information about an employee including the name of the employee they may be working on when they experienced the difficulty. The Helpdesk Team will understand if you explain that you cannot give certain information for data protection reasons.

For example, rather than say "I was trying to regrade Dr Z from grade G to grade H and the following happened...", you should say "I was in screen X, regrading an employee, when the following happened..."

Please do not send any screen dumps to the Helpdesk when you log your call as these may include confidential information.

If necessary, you will be able to describe your issue in greater detail when the Trent HR Project Team respond to you to resolve your query.

Please enter Trent HR as the short subject (if logging through e-support) or as the subject title (if using Outlook).

Why are we making this change?

Academic Services’ philosophy for delivering IT support is to provide a high quality, timely support service to its customers across the University. This is achieved by using industry best practice methods of IT delivery, including using standard solutions and procedures, promoting a culture of self service, making best use of available technology to deliver services with minimum intervention and being a centre of expertise for IT support and solutions.

In order to deliver the best possible service to its customers, queries and calls for assistance on Trent HR will be made to the central IT Helpdesk, where they will be solved at the first point of contact wherever possible.

If further investigation is required, the call will be recorded as an incident and passed to the appropriate team of specialists (ie the Trent HR Project Team). On receiving notification of the incident a member of the specialist team will contact the customer to resolve the problem.

Academic Services recognises that there are occasions when attention is needed from a specialist urgently. To deliver a good service when this happens, the Helpdesk has a procedure in place for calls which are recognised as high priority, and these are immediately responded to.

Other calls are prioritised and answered according to the service levels currently in place. The Helpdesk's current aspirations for service level agreements can be viewed on the IT Helpdesk web pages.

Logging problems and faults through the Helpdesk rather than direct to the Trent Project Team will improve the standard of service by delivering the following benefits:

  • the Helpdesk acts as a single point of contact for all IT issues;
  • queries can be logged at anytime via the Helpdesk's eSupport web portal or by email, or in person or by telephone at any time between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday;
  • each issue is allocated a unique reference number which is emailed to the user logging the issue; the user can then track progress locally through the Helpdesk's eSupport web portal;
  • the Helpdesk's call handling system allows for full tracking and escalation of issues, so there are no single points of failure; cover is also ensured if members of the HR support team are absent;
  • the Helpdesk has a procedure for calls which are recognised as high priority, and these are responded to immediately;
    by recording all queries we can watch for trends and discover underlying problems more easily, enabling more effective solutions to be developed for frequent problems;
  • recording all user support issues through the Helpdesk will also enable us to more effectively monitor the ongoing level of user support which Trent HR users will require when the Project Team, which has been responsible for the implementation of Trent HR, comes to an end in summer 2009.