Trent HR user group

Terms of reference

The Trent HR User Group (THRUG) is the key stakeholders’ group for users of the University’s HR system (Trent HR), managers and administrators who receive and rely upon HR information from the University’s HR system and staff who are responsible for system support and development.

  1. To provide a forum for the exchange of information and experiences relating to the use of the University’s HR system and its role within business processes and procedures.
  2. To consider common problems and consult on preferred solutions with a view to the promotion and application of best practice.
  3. To act as a forum for the dissemination of information on present use and actual or proposed changes and improvements.
  4. To provide a framework in which users are encouraged and enabled to influence improvements and developments in all matters relating to the University’s HR system and to put forward and review suggestions for system enhancements.


Independent Chair: Barbara Powell, School Manager for the School of Psychology and member of the HR Replacement Project Board (“Independent” means not a member of : Human Resources, Finance Services or Business Improvement and System Support.)         


Human Resources

Administration and Recruitment (2): Julie Clarke and Pippa Jackson
Learning and Development (1): Kathryn Coombes
Operations (2): Lizzy Wright and Stacey Zerbe
Payroll (1): Becky Jones
Pensions (1): Alison Rose

Finance Services/Corporate Services

Accounting (2): Abi Mahde and Andrew George
Research Accounting (1): Steve Popham
Payments (1): Gill Pearn

Other Stakeholders

Representatives of Schools (3): Helen Pisarska (SoGAER), Caroline Hampson (Biosciences) and Dawn Teed (SALL)
Representatives of Services (3): Caroline Adams (Academic Services) and Patrick Kennedy (Planning Services), Eleanor Kennedy (RKT)
Other internal Learning and Development providers (1) - to be confirmed

System Administration

Policy team, Human Resources
Trent HR Project Team/Business Improvement and System Support, Academic Services

Agenda and papers for meetings

Papers for meeting held on 21 April 2009

Agenda and papers for meeting held on 30 November 2009

Agenda and papers for meeting held on 24 May 2010

Notes of meetings

Notes of meeting held on 21 April 2009