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When you are coming to the end of your adoption leave see the section on Returning to work

Before your adoption leave, and during your leave

You and your line manager may make reasonable contact during your adoption leave. You should talk to your line manager to agree what kind of contact you will have, for example:

  • how will you be told about changes happening at work? If so, how would you like changes to be communicated to you?
  • would you like the opportunity to attend work during your adoption leave to keep in touch, go to a particular event or take up a training opportunity?

Keeping in Touch days

Your line manager cannot demand that you go into work at any time during your adoption leave. However, if you and your line manager both agree, you can do up to 10 days' work during your adoption leave to ease your return to work. These are known as Keeping in Touch days and can include any work you would normally do and be paid for, and can also include attendance on training courses and at conferences.

Your line manager does not have to offer Keeping in Touch days to you, but equally you can't be forced to take them up and will not be penalised for refusing to do so.

You and your line manager may find it helpful to start talking about these plans early on to agree what you will be doing on any Keeping in Touch days.