This glossary lists all the University's maternity terms and acronyms.

Glossary of University maternity terms


Annual Leave


Expected Week of Childbirth - the week (starting on the Sunday) in which your baby is due


Human Resources Business Partner

KIT days

Keeping in Touch days (also see PD25 below)


The application for maternity leave form. Your Human Resources Business Partner will provide you with this; will need to complete and return it to Human Resources.

MATB1 form

Your GP/midwife will give you this form after your 21st week of pregnancy. It needs to be submitted to Human Resources along with the MATFORM above.


If you take up to 10 KIT days during your maternity leave you will need to fill out this form and return it to Human Resources at least 2 weeks before you are due to return to work.


Statuatory Maternity Pay

Qualifying Week

For statutory maternity pay purposes, this week is the 15th week before EWC, ie when you are approximately 25 weeks' pregnant.


University Maternity Pay