Annual leave continues to accrue during your period of maternity leave.

Annual leave

You are advised to take as much outstanding leave as possible before the start of your maternity leave, however you should discuss your leave arrangements with your line manager and clarify and record the agreement made with them.

As a minimum, you are required to take the annual leave you have accrued up to the date you commence your maternity leave, eg if you wish to commence your maternity leave on 1 February, you should have taken 1/12th of your leave entitlement. However, your manager may agree to allow you to take more than the period accrued up to the start of your maternity leave.

Accruing annual leave during maternity leave

You will continue to accrue annual leave during the period of maternity leave which can be taken when your maternity leave finishes and you return to work. Leave should be taken within the year in which it is accrued, except in those circumstances where your period of maternity leave continues into the next calendar year (and, therefore, a new annual leave year). In such cases, any outstanding leave may be carried forward to the following year, providing it is taken in full, immediately following the period of maternity leave. Payment in lieu of annual leave cannot be made. During your maternity leave, bank holidays and closure days that fall on days you would have worked, will be marked as 'not taken' in Trent and will not be deducted from your holiday entitlement. You will be able to book them as leave on your return.

Annual leave for academic staff

Annual leave for academic staff is based on a full-time entitlement of 30 days plus 8 bank holidays and 3 closure days designated by the University. The contractual requirement for academic staff that leave must be taken during vacation periods will be waived where outstanding leave is taken either immediately before or after your period of maternity leave.