Applying for paternity/partner leave

For staff with babies due or born and babies children placed before 6th April 2018 please see the Paternity/maternity support leave pre 6 April 2018.

For staff with babies due or born and babies and children placed on or after 6th April 2018 please see below.

To qualify for paid Paternity/Partner leave you must:

  • inform your line manager/ Head of Discipline in writing (this can be email) and send a copy to your Human Resources contact, by the 15th week before the expected week of childbirth (e.g. by the time your partner is approximately 25 weeks' pregnant) or no later than seven days after the date on which notification was received from the adoption agency of the match with the child
  • complete form PD76 at least 28 days before you want your paternity/partner pay to start.
  • inform your Human Resources contact when the baby has been born or, in the case of adoption, when the child’s placement has commenced for your entitlement to SPP to begin. Please note that you cannot start your paternity/partner leave before your child is born or placed with you.
  • attach a copy of your partner’s MATB1 or matching certificate

You will be able to change your mind about the date you want your leave to start, providing you inform your Human Resources contact in writing, at least 28 days in advance (where reasonably possible). If your start date changes as your baby has not been born please liaise with HR and your manager.