Keeping in contact during Shared Parental Leave

Before your employee has begun their period of Shared Parental Leave, please ensure you are both clear about contact during this time. Talk to your employee to agree what kind of contact you will have. For example:

  • Does the employee wish to be updated about changes happening at work? If so, how would they like changes to be communicated?
  • Would the employee like the opportunity to attend work during their Shared Parental Leave to keep in touch, go to a particular event or take up a training opportunity?

Shared Parental Leave in Touch days (SPLIT)

Key points for SPLIT days

These days are optional and the decision to undertake a SPLIT day must be made by agreement between you and your employee (there are no rights for either the employer or the employee to require such days).

  • there can be up to 20 SPLIT days per parent taken during the period of SPL
  • the type of work can be anything that you would normally do and be paid for, and could include attendance on training courses and at conferences
  • they will not be paid for attending SPLIT days, nor will it be possible for the University to meet any additional childcare costs. However, for each SPLIT day, their physical return to work will be deferred by one day. For example, if they are a full time member of staff who normally works Monday-Friday, and they were due to return to work on Monday 2 November and worked 5 SPLIT days. For payroll purposes they would be treated as returning to work on Monday 2 November, but would not physically return until Monday 9 November. If, however, SPLIT days occur during the period when they are receiving ShPP, payment of ShPP will not be affected.
  • any work carried out on any SPLIT day will count as one full day

By maintaining a minimal, but regular, presence during SPL - bearing in mind there is no obligation for the employee to do so – SPLIT days can offer real benefit to the employee and the University.

SPLIT days form

If your employee has taken any SPLIT days please ensure they have completed and submitted a PD53 form to HR Services at least 2 weeks before the date they are due to return to work. The SPLIT days must be added to the end of their leave period and cannot be taken forward or used as leave at other times.