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Conditions of employment

The University has agreed Conditions of Employment with recognised trade unions.

In response to the Coronavirus health pandemic, to enable the University to focus on critical organisational priorities whilst safeguarding the health, safety and wellbeing of students and staff, the University and trade unions have agreed a temporary amendment to the current Conditions of employment subject to the following principles: (a) there should be no long-term detriment to employees; (b) the University will ensure variations to standard practice are reasonable; and (c) the University’s practice should remain compliant with legislation. The University and trade unions have agreed that these temporary provisions will expire on 31 July 2021 unless otherwise agreed between the University and trade unions.

Please note, a University of Exeter employee cannot have two jobs at the University (including occasional/casual worker) where the hours together would be greater than full time i.e. 36.5 hours.  In exceptional circumstances and where the additional role is significantly different from the employee's substantive role, there may be circumstances where this is allowable.  Written justification must be made and approval must be given by the Director of HR Services.  Please contact your HR Business Partner for more information.

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