Grievance, disciplinary and other dismissal procedures

The Council of the University approved revised Disciplinary, Grievance and other Dismissal Procedures at its meeting on 17 July 2009. Some further revisions have been agreed since that date. The procedures have been introduced under Statute 29 of the University's Statutes and are incorporated into Ordinances 25 and 26 of the University's Ordinances.

The procedures have been prepared in consultation with representatives of UCU, Unison and Unite.

The new procedures apply to all members of staff except those engaged on a claims basis and Postgraduate Teaching Assistants.

The new procedures take immediate effect.

Under the new arrangements, the University has agreed with trade unions a local definition of academic freedom.

Follow the links below to view each new procedure:

(Please note that Ordinances are renumbered and amendments are made to nomenclature of management roles from time-to-time.)