Advert text

  • To prepare your advert text please use the existing University’s templates.
  • Advertisement texts should bring the role to life and be reflection of the job description.
  • It should contain information about the team and department and to let people know what they would expect from our working environment.
  • Adverts that are being placed on must not exceed 540 words so please ensure you account for this when putting together your advert.
  • Adverts should not be written in a way that stereotypes or encourages people to believe that the post is only suitable for certain groups of people. For example, terms such as 'dynamic' or 'energetic' could discourage applicants with disabilities from applying, or could be interpreted as implying that the employer is seeking to attract only younger applicants.
  • If you have specific logos that are required please provide these to your Recruiter. Please be aware there is a cost of £50 to place extra logos on so please provide a costcode.
  • For advice on where you should advertise your role contact your Recruitment Lead who will be able to help target the right candidate for your position. It is free to advertise on the UoE website and this automatically pulls through to Indeed, it is also free to place a standard advert on
  • Please attach your advert text to the ESR1.
  • The recruitment team will add in a hyperlink that will take a candidate to the Job Description. 

Job Description

  • Please use an existing job description if one is available.
  • When using the template please ensure that you do not make any drastic changes to main duties and accountabilities as this could alter the grading of the role; making slight tweaks of sentence structure and wording is fine but if you are unsure seek guidance from the recruitment team. 

For Academic and Research posts please see our templates here

For Technical Services posts please see our templates here

For a Professional Services position please use a job description used in a previous round of recruitment. If this is a new position and you cannot find a job description that fits your role please contact your Recruitment Lead to find a way forward.

  • Please attach your Job Description to the ESR1.