‌‌‌e-SR1 User Notes

There are different user notes available for the different roles within the system: 

RoleExplanationTypical postholders
Recruiting Manager The person who requests the SR1 to be set up, who fills out the SR1 and who will receive email alerts from the system during authorisation:
Line Manager

College administrative staff
Approver The people who review the completed SR1 and either approve or reject the proposal.

College PVC

Director of College Operations


Research Finance

Budget Holder

Recruitment Team The people who are originally contacted to create new or replacement SR1s and who finally action the proposal when approved. If you want to make a change to a SR1 (i.e. to change a contract), please contact humanresources@exeter.ac.uk.

Recruitment Lead

Recruitment Coordinator

Recruitment Administrator

Internships Team

The team that uses the approved ESR1 to advertise and recruit GBPs:


The person who complete the SR1 after interview with the successful candidate’s details and start date:

Line Manager

College Administration staff

Research Finance

The person who checks the SR1 for research grant implications and adds in advice:

Research Finance Manager
HR Employee Services Team

The team that receives the approved ESR1 and actions changes to existing employees contracts/appoints named researchers:

ES Administrators

Other downloads:

If you are not going to be available to edit, approve or amend SR1s due to absence, you can Automatically forward eSR1 emails to Proxies