Recruitment Requirements

The new Points Based System requires that certain regulations are followed when recruiting to a new position within the UK. These are contained in the UKVI Codes of Practice.  From July 2010, a limit has been put on the number of Tier 2 Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) we can issue.

If you are recruiting to a new post and would like to have the option of appointing an overseas individual, speak to the International Employment Officer in the first instance.  The following information is relevant to those recruitment campaigns where it has been agreed with Human Resources there will be the opportunity of issuing a Tier 2 CoS.  In that case, it is important to think about the following points well in advance of your recruitment campaign.


Please ensure you quote the full range (including contribution points) in the advert and include any allowances. You cannot appoint to a salary that is not quoted.

The UKVI Codes of Practice also set out the appropriate minimum rate of pay which varies depending on the type of position to which you are recruiting.  

Job description and person specification

From the 14 June 2012 for all PhD level posts (please seek clarification from your HRBP that your post is a PhD level post) the University can select the best candidate for the job regardless of whether they are a resident worker. It is extremely important that the job description and person specifications are accurate for the requirements of the post as the panel will use these criteria to shortlist and appoint. Further guidance on how to write job descriptions and person specifications can be found on our recruitment pages, as well as templates for adverts and job description/person specifications.

Where to advertise

The Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) has varying requirements for advertising locations depending on the type of position to which you are recruiting.  For the majority of posts this will include advertisement on and for some Jobcentre Plus (no longer necessary for PhD level posts from 14 June 2012).  However, these will not cover the requirements for all posts, so please contact your International Employment Officer for further advice about where to advertise.

How long you will need to advertise

If the post requires a RLMT, it must be advertised in the appropriate media for no less than 4 weeks.  These do not need to be consecutive weeks - please contact the International Employment Officer for more information.

Where a researcher is named in the grant, the RLMT is deemed to have been met, i.e. no advertising is required.

Prospective international staff

Your prospective staff member will also need to check that they meet the eligibility criteria for a Tier 2 visa, the applicant will be advised to do this before the University applies for a certificate of sponsorship.