Obtaining a National Insurance number

Note: this information applies to casual workers only

To get a National Insurance number you need to contact DWP 0800 141 2075.

Please note that if you call from a mobile or a non-BT landline then it will be charged at the rate set by your service provider.

You need to be in the UK when you phone. You will speak to an advisor and will need the following information to hand:

  • your postal address in the UK (with a postcode eg EX4 2AB)
  • your contact phone number (mobile or landline)
  • your medical details

If you are non-EU:

  • your visa expiry date
  • where your visa was issued (it can be the country or the city)

If you are dual nationality (with one being an EU nation) you will need all of the above.

You will also need a piece of paper and a pen as you will be given a reference number and another phone number. You must write these down in case your application gets lost.

At the end of the phone call either:

  • you will be invited for interview at the nearest Job Centre Plus (Taunton or Plymouth) if you are an EU national or a dual nationality (with an EU country)
  • you will be sent an application pack in the post (within 10 working days; you will need to return this ASAP as it has an expiry date) if you are a non-EU national