How to get paid

Submission of timesheets

All casual workers (excluding external examiners and contracted PTAs) should submit timesheets through the eClaims system

You will need either an eClaims, student or other associate IT account in order to login to eClaims. If you do not have one of these IT accounts your line manager will need to create one for you. If you login to eClaims with a student account you will need to input your payroll number. You can request your payroll number from the Temporary Resourcing Unit at 

You should submit your timesheets weekly and your line manager should check the information is correct and approve accordingly. If any of this information is incorrect they have the right to either reject the timesheet, or amend it before approving.

If you have a permanent or fixed term contract at the University you will not use eClaims to claim for additional hours. You should instead submit a PD103 form to the Pay and Benefits Office, room 357A, Northcote House (


Your online timesheet should meet the Standard rates of Pay in order for payment to be made monthly.

You will normally be paid on the penultimate day of the month by BACs transfer into your nominated bank account. All casual workers are paid one month in arrears providing the monthly submission and approval deadlines are met. The Pay and Benefits office cannot draw advance payments for claims in advance of the normal allocated pay date.

Your payslip can be viewed on Trent Self-Service.

Overseas Workers

If you are carrying out University of Exeter work whilst based overseas please let the Temporary Resourcing Team know at the point of registration. Please be aware that all workers are subject to UK tax and national insurance deductions for short term work. However, you may also be liable to pay tax and social security in the country you are working and there may be penalties for non-compliance.


Expenses will only be paid if they are approved in advance, reasonable, supported by receipts, and allowable under the University of Exeter's Expenses policy. Please note that the University would not normally pay expenses for any worker travelling to the University for work. All expenses will be paid in line with HMRC guidance.