When an assignment is offered to the Temporary Worker, the TSB Office will advise the Temporary Worker of the date the work is to commence and the duration or likely duration of the work; the type of work; the location and hours during which the Temporary Worker would be required to work; the name of the manager of the assignment to whom they should report; and the rate of remuneration.

Intellectual Property Rights (“IP”): If you undertake an assignment which is likely to or does result in your creating outputs, deliverables, or any other resulting material or data which is new (“Results”) the University, as your employer in respect of the assignment, will either automatically own such Results or is likely to seek to have ownership of the Results transferred to it, including any form of IP which subsist(s) or may subsist therein. The Results may be created as part of a research project, consultancy or other academic or educational activity; please ensure that you understand the terms of any such research agreement or other contract which may affect your assignment and the relevant IP ownership or use.

In addition, please be aware that you may need to use existing third party owned content/IP during your assignment, which is likely to be subject to third party rights; please make sure that you are permitted to use such third party content and IP before doing so. If you are unsure about any IP related queries, including possible contract terms that might apply to your assignment, please contact your line manager, who may be able to assist you or who can contact a colleague for further guidance.