If a Temporary Worker, has a grievance relating to their assignment, they should attempt, as far as is reasonably possible, to resolve the grievance informally through discussions with the manager of the assignment or the TSB Office, as appropriate. The Temporary Worker may wish to seek advice from a trade union representative or, for issues covered by the Policy on the Protection of Dignity at Work and Study, a Harassment Adviser, to facilitate the informal resolution of their concerns.

If the grievance cannot be resolved informally through discussions, because informal discussions are inappropriate or have failed to resolve the grievance, then the Temporary Worker should write to the Director of Human Resources clearly stating the issue about which they are aggrieved and the remedy sought.

The Director of Human Resources will refer the grievance to another manager in Human Resources for consideration. Where appropriate, the Temporary Worker will be invited to a meeting to discuss their grievance and may be accompanied by a trade union representative or fellow worker. The manager considering the grievance will write to the Temporary Worker advising of their decision.

If the Temporary Worker is not satisfied with the decision, they may submit a written appeal to the Director of Human Resources within one week. The appeal should provide a full written statement of the grievance to be considered, together with the remedy sought. The appeal will be considered by a manager nominated by the Director of Human Resources who has not been previously involved. The outcome of the appeal will be notified to the Temporary Worker in writing and this decision will be final within the procedures of the University.