Paid leave entitlement

Paid leave entitlement will be in accordance with the Working Time Regulations (as amended), which is currently pro-rata 28 days per year. Paid leave entitlement will be paid within your hourly rate and disclosed in a breakdown of the rate at the start of your assignment.

This calculation includes the Temporary Worker’s full entitlement to paid leave: there is no additional entitlement in respect of any Bank Holidays or University Closure Days which may fall during an assignment.

The annual leave year runs from 1 January – 31 December each year. All entitlement to paid leave must be taken during the course of the leave year in which it accrues and none may be carried forward to the next year.

The University reserves the right to make payment for any untaken accrued paid leave at the end of each assignment.

Accrued leave days may be taken by prior arrangement with the College or Service in which the Temporary Workers is currently working and the Temporary Staff Bank Office. During an assignment, the Temporary Worker is requested to give as much notification as possible of the days they wish to take as paid leave. However, the nature of temporary work means that there may be occasions when the University may give counter-notice to the Temporary Worker (in accordance with the Working Time Regulations) to postpone or reduce the amount of leave that the Temporary Worker wishes to take.

Where this arrangement is terminated by either party and a P45 is requested, the Temporary Worker will be paid shall be entitled to request payment in lieu of any untaken accrued paid leave.