Performance and conduct

Minor shortfalls in performance or minor breaches of discipline (eg lateness, careless mistakes, lack of attention to detail/instructions/procedures) will be discussed with the Temporary Worker by the manager of the assignment or the TSB Manager, as appropriate. The Temporary Worker may be offered additional support, training, advice, guidance or counselling, as appropriate.

In cases of more serious shortfalls in performance or breaches of discipline or repeated minor shortfalls/breaches, the TSB Manager (or other manager in Human Resources) will invite the Temporary Worker to a meeting to discuss the concerns. The Temporary Worker may be accompanied by a trade union representative or fellow worker. Following the meeting, the manager will write to the Temporary Worker advising of their decision. The manager may give the Temporary Worker a written warning or, where appropriate, may decide that that Temporary Worker should be removed from the TSB and terminate any current assignment.

If the Temporary Worker is not satisfied with the decision, they may submit a written appeal to the Director of Human Resources within one week. The appeal should state the grounds on which it is made. The appeal will be considered by a manager nominated by the Director of Human Resources who has not been previously involved. The outcome of the appeal will be notified to the Temporary Worker in writing and this decision will be final within the procedures of the University.