Payment will only be made for hours worked. Subject to any statutory entitlement to paid leave (see the Paid leave entitlement section), Statutory Sick Pay or Statutory Maternity Pay (see the Other absences section) or any other statutory entitlement, the Temporary Worker is not entitled to receive payment for time not spent on an assignment, whether in respect of illness or absence for any other reason unless otherwise agreed.

There is a fixed hourly rate for each type of work and such rates will be reviewed at appropriate intervals, at the discretion of the University. The hourly rate of remuneration will be confirmed for each assignment.

The actual hours to be worked in any assignment will be notified to the Temporary Worker by the TSB Office or the manager of the assignment in the College or Service concerned, up to the full-time equivalent hours of 36.5 per week. If, by mutual agreement with the manager of the assignment, the Temporary Worker works in excess of 36.5 hours in any week, the Temporary Worker will be paid for the hours worked at the standard 'plain' time hourly rate.

Payment will be paid to a bank or building society monthly in arrears*, subject to deductions in respect of Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions and any other deductions which the University of Exeter may be required by law to make.

(* subject to the Payroll Office processing timetable).

Payment is based on approved weekly timesheets. At the end of each week of an assignment (or at the end of the assignment where it is for a period of less than one week or is completed before the end of a week), the Temporary Worker shall login to the eClaims system to complete and submit an online timesheet indicating the number of hours worked during the preceding week. It is the responsibility of the Temporary Worker to ensure that their timesheet is completed, submitted, and approved by the allocated approvers in accordance with notified Payroll Office deadlines.

The University of Exeter will accept no liability for delays in the payment of claims which are not accurately completed or approved or which miss the Payroll Office processing timetable.

Payment will not be made in advance for work which has not yet been carried out. Claims/ Timesheets should be submitted via eClaims as soon as possible on completion of the work carried out. Any claims submitted 90 days after the “week end date” will be declined for payment, unless there are exceptional circumstances for the delay.