‌Black History Month

Black History month is a key campaign within the University's annual calendar of events. This year, we are looking at a variety of engagement oppotunities, events and sessions to allow all members of our community to learn about the origins of Black History Month and the history of Black People in the UK to understand how all of us can use our privilege to drive change and further inclusion.

We, as you may see from the events below, are taking an intersectional approach to Black History Month activity understanding intersectiosn with Disability, Sexual Orientation and Gender. If you have any queries, please do get in touch! The Students' Guild and Sudents' Union (TheSU) have also organised a series of events to mark the celebrations and you can view these at https://www.exeterguild.org/blackhistorymonth/ and https://www.thesu.org.uk/whats_on/bhm/

Week 1 - Black History in the UK  

  • Showcase of Black History/ Windrush Collections in the Library (1 - 30 October) 
  • Poster Competition, Representation in Supreme Courts – Bracton Centre for History Research (1 - 30 October) 
  • Dr. Miguel Hernandez Origins of Black History Month2 October, 18:30-19:30. Newman Blue. More information here
  • Louisa Adjoa Parker (2 October, 14:00-15:30)Black Histories in the South West,  Exchange Lecture Theatre, Penryn Campus - Click here to book your place  

Week 2 - Experiences of intersectionality – Race and Disability, including mental health 

Week 3 - Experiences of intersectionality – Race and LGBTQ+ 

  • Hate Crime Awareness with Devon and Cornwall Police – 15 October    
  • Radical Form and the Archive: John Akomfrah's The Nine Muses - Screening with Introduction by Felicity Gee - Queens LT1 - 15th October 18:30
  • More than toilets – trans safety, solidarity and black his/her/their-stories - Sabah Choudrey, 18 October, 16:30-18:00. Click here to book your place.  
  • Exeter BAME Law Initiative Launch Event - 16  October
  • Black British Cinema Exhibit in Bill Douglas Cinema Museum  
  • Roundtable - CMH – Experiences of Racism in the NHS and Medical Research – 16 October12:30-14:30, EMS G22, St. Luke's Campus. 
  • Roundtable - CMH  Experiences of Racism in the NHS and Medical Research - 18 October, G073 Kspa, Truro.   

Week 4 - Experiences of intersectionality – Race and Gender 

  • BHM Reading Group – 21 October, Peter Lanyon Seminar 2, 18:00 onwards.  
  • Black British History and South Asian Solidarities – Interactive Workshop – Florian Stadtler- 23 October, 10:30-12:00, Forum Seminar Room 08
  • Black Thinkers on the Politics of Discrimination - Christine Hauskeller and Clara Hick Workshop and Discussion, 23rd October, Forum Sem Room 09, 15:30-17:00 
  • Alright Petal? – Play/ Performance – Beyond Face – 24 October (Thornlea) Click here to book your place.
  • Joseph Sweetman and Damilola Makanju - Talk and Workshop on What would Martin Luther King do? Class, Race and a Message to the Academy and Testing the effect of historical representations on collective identity and action - 30 October, 13:30-15:30; IAIS building, LT1 Click here to book your place 
  • Kick Racism Out of football Tournament and Conference – 27 October, 12:00-14:00. Rubber Crumb, Sports Park Click Here to book your place 
  • 2000 Stories - Performance by Beyond Face - 30 October, 19:30 onwards. AMATA Penryn Campus. Click here to book your place.