Dignity and Respect Advisors' contact details

Dignity and Respect Advisors can provide support to any staff or students. Students can contact any of the Dignity and Respect Advisors. Staff can contact any of the non-Guild Dignity and Respect Advisors.

It is also recommended that wherever possible, the Dignity and Respect Advisors based in your own College or Service are not selected to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

Penryn Campus
Charlotte Bailey 01326 370412 Education and Student Experience C.Bailey@exeter.ac.uk
Hayley McCormack 01326 253786 Education and Student Experience H.L.McCormack@exeter.ac.uk
Cath Bissett 01326 253589 College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences C.Bissett@exeter.ac.uk
Asif Tahir 01326 259320 College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences A.Tahir@exeter.ac.uk
Julia Phillips 01326 371874 Technical Services J.R.Phillips@exeter.ac.uk
St Luke's Campus
Tristan Snowsill 01392 726092 University of Exeter Medical School T.M.Snowsill@exeter.ac.uk
Streatham Campus
Catherine Hayman 01392 724881 Campus Services C.J.Hayman@exeter.ac.uk
Russell Hiscox 01392 725186 Campus Services R.D.Hiscox@exeter.ac.uk
Kelly Thacker 01392 722824 Campus Services K.M.Thacker@exeter.ac.uk
Leo de Sousa-Webb 01392 724750 Doctoral College and College of Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences l.de-sousa-webb@exeter.ac.uk
Lizzie Sherwood 01392 722094 Education and Student Experience E.M.E.Sherwood
Chrysten Cole 01392 726454 Governance and Compliance C.E.Cole@exeter.ac.uk 
Mark Armitage   Career Zone  M.Armitage@exeter.ac.uk
Frankie Keenan   PS Staff CEMPS  F.Keenan@exeter.ac.uk 
Sarah Hood   Career Zone  S.L.Hood2@exeter.ac.uk
Sarah Bosworth   Students Guild Advice Unit  s.bosworth@exeter.ac.uk
Dan Cosgrove   Students Guild Advice Unit  dc335@exeter.ac.uk
Jessica Polkinghorne  01392723138 Law School  j.polkinghorne@exeter.ac.uk
Caitlin Kight   Academic Development  crk206@exeter.ac.uk
Victoria Brown   Students Guild Advice Unit  V.Brown@exeter.ac.uk
Katie Jones   Students Guild Advice Unit  K.Jones3@exeter.ac.uk