"Everyone in the University community should be treated with dignity and respect." Professor Sir Steve Smith, Vice-Chancellor

Dignity and Respect Policy statement

The University of Exeter aims to create a working and learning environment that respects the dignity and rights of all staff and students and where individuals have the opportunity to realise their full potential.

The aim of this policy is to promote an environment and culture in which bullying and harassment are known to be unacceptable and where individuals have the confidence to deal with harassment without fear of ridicule or reprisal.

The University will not tolerate any form of harassment or bullying and is committed to ensuring that staff and students are able to work and study without fear of harassment, bullying or victimisation, recognising its duty of care to staff, students and visitors under health and safety, equality and employment legislation.

The University regards any incident of harassment or bullying as a serious matter and will respond promptly and sensitively to formal complaints and where appropriate take disciplinary action, including dismissal or expulsion from the University. Additionally, staff and students will be encouraged to resolve concerns informally through a network of trained Dignity and Respect Advisors.

Communication of this policy

The University undertakes to communicate this policy fully to ensure that staff and students understand their rights and responsibilities. The University will also monitor incidents of harassment and bullying and the effectiveness of this policy and procedures.

Staff and students have an important role to play in creating an environment where everyone is enabled to achieve their full potential and mutual respect is the norm where harassment is unacceptable.

In particular, College Deans/Directors of Professional Services, all managers and others in positions of authority will be expected to promote a culture free from unacceptable behaviour, leading by example and identifying unacceptable behaviour when it occurs, taking prompt action to stop it.

The University of Exeter is committed to developing an environment where students and staff can work and study free from discrimination and harassment, enabling staff and students to fulfill their personal potential. Everyone in the University community should be treated with dignity and respect. Students and staff, particularly staff in positions of responsibility, have an important role to play in creating an environment where harassment is unacceptable. The Dignity and Respect Policy demonstrates the University's commitment to eliminating harassment and the role students and staff fulfil in helping us achieve this aim.

Professor Sir Steve Smith, Vice-Chancellor