Senior leadership representatives within the Dignity and Respect Advisor Network

The Speak Out Guardians support the University in being an open and transparent place to work and study, where all staff and students are actively encouraged and enabled to speak out, specifically with regards to any dignity and respect issues.

The key role of the Speak Out Guardians is to:

  • Work with VCEG to help create an open culture which is based on listening and learning- they will report to VCEG every 6 months on any other cultural issues or themes identified within their Guardian role;
  • Act in a Dignity and Respect Advisor role if a member of staff or student comes forward to talk;
  • Provide expertise in developing a safe culture by working with the Network of Dignity and Respect Advisors and the Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Team to continue to develop a range of mechanisms which empower and encourage staff and students to speak out safely;
  • Act in an independent and impartial capacity, listening to staff and supporting them to raise concerns;
  • Provide senior leadership and support to the Dignity and Respect Advisor Network;
  • Oversee the governance and management of reported issues ensuring that information about those who speak out is kept confidential at all times, subject to requirement around safeguarding and illegality;
  • Work closely with the University's Personal Representative to the Vice-Chancellor to ensure that the University is effectively supporting staff and students who raise concerns and that the University is effectively responding to these concerns.