Linda Peka

Linda Peka,  Chief College Operations Officer, chairs the Inclusivity Group

University Inclusivity Group

The University Inclusivity Group meets once a term and is chaired by Linda Peka, Chief College Operations Officer, and reports directly to the Dual Assurance Administration partnership for Equality and Diversity. The Inclusivity Group's remit covers all nine protected characteristics under the Equality Act

The membership includes Inclusivity Representatives from Colleges and Professional Services and other key individuals such as representatives from the Chaplaincy and the Students' Guild.

Inclusivity Group members

Linda Peka (Chair) Chief College Operations Officer
Phil Attwell Director of Campus Services
Ian Blenkharn Inclusivity Representative, Professional Services
Heather Sandover Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity Advisor, Safety, Health & Wellbeing (Minutes)
Dorcas Cowan Inclusivity & Wellbeing Manager, Safety, Health & Wellbeing
Nuria Capdevila-Arguelles Inclusivity Representative, College of Humanities
Brett Crane Union Representative (Unite)
Sharon Dixon Inclusivity Representative, College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Steve Eichhorn Inclusivity Representative, College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences
Nick Givens Inclusivity Representative, College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Ian Goodchild Disability Advisor, AccessAbility
Joanna Hurry Disability Advisor, Safety, Health & Wellbeing
Alec James Vice-President Welfare, Students' Guild
Claire Lavers Inclusivity Representative, University of Exeter Business School
David Llewellyn Inclusivity Representative, University of Exeter Medical School
Chantal Mason Lazenby Chaplain and Multifaith Team Coordinator
Becky Nesbitt Multifaith Chaplain (Cornwall)
Gareth Oughton Deputy Chief Executive, Students' Guild
Alexa Webster President Community & Welfare, FXU