Gender Equality at Exeter

Our vision is to create a positive, inclusive working environment which is a great place to work. We have been working on programmes to develop gender equality such as Athena SWAN for several years and continue to develop initiatives and actions to support staff of all genders in their careers. 

The University's strategic actions around Gender Equality

The University is taking strategic measures and actions to address any gender imbalances in the workplace.

In addition to our actions towards achieving Athena Swan Silver, our work includes:

  • Developing Aspirations for Senior Roles
    Promotion workshops to clarify the promotion process for academic staff and share the experiences of recently promoted staff. Continue to support the Leadership Foundation programme, Aurora, for academic and Professional Services Employees. Offer the Springboard development session for all staff.
  • Supporting Each Other to Thrive
    Academic Women Group – a forum for women to come together to discuss their latest research, teaching and experiences. Women of Influence – a network for alumni and others affiliated with the University to discuss the latest sector and industry thinking on gender equality, careers and promotion and to create links with partners who can offer experiences and job shadowing opportunities to our employees. Building on the success of the “One Step Beyond” mentoring scheme in two STEMM Colleges, this scheme has been expanded in 2018/19 and is now active in all Colleges. In addition, a mentoring scheme for all Professional Services staff is due to be launched in 2019. 
  • Being creative with our ways of working
    Greater promotion of job sharing and part-time working to increase the number of opportunities advertised on this basis. Following the success of an initial trial, we will run an extended trial of blind shortlisting for Professional Services recruitment.
  • Providing New Experiences
    Creating additional opportunities for women to gain experience in senior level decision making both within the University – through representation on interview panels, committees and working groups – and externally through membership of governing bodies and generating links with industry to provide shadowing and work placement opportunities at a senior level.
  • Family Friendly
    We are committed to providing a workplace that is family friendly and are further developing our support for academic staff returning from maternity, adoption or shared parental leave, to enable them to invest time in their research, by adjusting other elements of their academic workload. Parents and carers network – offering discussion and support to each other and a voice to influence the shape of future initiatives. We have made significant improvements to our support to staff taking maternity, adoption and shared parental leave, extending the paid leave to 26 weeks from the first day of employment.