What managers, leaders and supervisors need to know

Leading an inclusive team

I lead a team, what do I need to know?

We believe that inclusivity is everyone's responsibility and that all of our everyday behaviours should create a more inclusive environment. However as a team leader, supervisor or line manager you should be aware of your potential to influence others through your own inclusive, supportive and respectful behaviour to ensure this is the norm amongst your team. In addition you should know about the various policies, advice and support services available. 

Therefore it is important that team leaders, supervisors and line managers are aware of the following, and we encourage you to discuss these with your team as part of ongoing conversations at PDRs, team meetings, Away Days etc.

Do you know...

  • Which of your staff have completed their mandatory training and which haven't? All staff, new and established staff, must complete mandatory Equality and Diversity training, and team leaders are responsible for ensuring that every member of their team have completed it. For more details see Training and Resources
  • How staff can check and update their details in Trent, including updating their gender identity and sex. See Updating your personal information
  • What to do if a member of your team has experienced inappropriate behaviour? For details about what inappropriate behaviour can be, suggestions of how you or you team members could address it, and who you can contact if you have concerns about a member of your team see Inappropriate Behaviour.
    For further advice please contact your HR Business Partner or HR Advisor. 
  • That if you or a member of your team are writing or reviewing a policy or procedure an Equality Analysis will need to be completed to consider equality issues and mitigate against possible discrimination.
  • What unconscious bias is and how it could affect your judgements, for example during recruitment. See Unconscious bias
  • Where to access University policies and guidance such as Maternity Leave and Adoption Leave guidance, the Parents and Carers Network, how to access Mediation, best practice around supporting Lesbian Gay Bisexual or Trans gender staff, and the Equality and Diversity Policy (useful to include on grant applications etc). See Policies and Expert advice from our partners

The Learning and Development team also run a number of courses aimed at leadership and management.