Why it's important to check and update your details

Updating your personal details in Trent

‌Why does the University ask for personal information about staff?

My gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, whether I have a disability… what’s it got to do with the University?

It’s not about us being nosy. The University has a legal duty to annually publish high-level anonymous data about the equality profile of our community of staff and students. However it’s about more than just that; it’s about finding out who the University’s staff really are. This information informs the University’s future priorities and initiatives and helps target our work to meet staff needs, and to improve the quality of everyone’s working life.

The University can’t change things for the better without your help. That’s why you are asked to complete personal details on the Trent HR system.

The Trent Self-Service system allows you to view your own personal data.

How do I check my personal information on Trent?

Please take a couple of minutes to check that your personal data is correct and up-to-date on Trent. You can access Trent via any University computer at a time convenient to you, or via your own computer, tablet or mobile phone.

You can view and update your personal data in the following sections within Trent: 

• ‘Sensitive Information’ in ‘My Details’ or ‘Update your Ethnicity & Diversity info’
• ‘Personal Details’ in ‘My Details’ or ‘Update your Ethnicity & Diversity info’
• ‘HESA details' (for your gender identity) in 'My Employment'

All employee information held by the University is covered by the University’s HR Services Data Protection statement.