Supporting our transgender staff and students

The University is committed to supporting you as a transgender member of staff or student. We are currently developing guidance to support staff and students through transition, and to clarify the process for staff and students to change their name and sex on University systems and records as efficiently as possible.

This guidance will be available online shortly. However in the meantime a draft version of the guidance can be obtained from the Equality and Diversity Team if required.

Updating your gender identity in Trent (staff)

We would like all members of staff to complete their personal details on Trent, including their gender identity.

Your gender identity can be updated in the 'HESA details' section within the 'My Employment' option in Trent, and the three options to choose from are:

  • ‘Gender identity is different to the gender originally assigned at birth’
  • ‘Gender identity is the same as the gender originally assigned at birth’
  • ‘Information refused’

You can also change your Title, which includes an ‘Mx’ option, in the ‘Personal details’ section within the 'My Details' option in Trent.

Updating your sex and/or name in Trent (staff)

Please note that your gender identity (see above) is recorded separately to your sex in Trent. Updating your gender identity will not change any of your other personal details in Trent.

If you wish to amend your sex and/or your name as recorded on Trent please contact your HR Business Partner for your College/Service.

For more information about why the University asks for personal information from staff can be found at Updating your personal details.