Inclusive Learning and Teaching  

‘teaching that is as helpful as possible to the widest possible range of students – teaching that works well for students with different physical and psychological conditions, different skills, enthusiasms and cultural backgrounds, different learning styles, and worldviews' - Advance HE, 2011

Inclusive teaching and learning is key to the success of all students and a number of resources have been created by the Academic Development team to support colleagues in making their teaching and curricula more inclusive, these can be found here. We also, recently undertook a project in collaboration with AdvanceHE to develop a departmental level toolkit and resources on Embedding EDI into the Curricula. This toolkit is designed to meet the needs of a range of different departments, in terms of disciplines, structures and current level of engagement or embeddedness with inclusive curricula.

It seeks to value all efforts made towards discussing, developing, implementing and embedding inclusive approaches. This includes:

  1. Supporting departments who have taken a lead in this area to clearly identify and evidence their areas of success and future direction.
  2. Helping departments who have yet to engage, or at earlier levels of engagement, with a clear structure and approach to understanding and prioritising future work.
  3. Providing department leaders – as well as Colleges and central services – with an overview of ongoing and future  work, in order to establish new partnerships, seek centralised support, and identify required resources.
You can download the following here: 
  1. EDI in Curricula Toolkit  
  2. Links to good practice across the sector. 
  3. Full report from the AdvanceHE project 
For further information please contact the EDI team or the Academic Development Team