Professor Janice Kay

Professor Janice Kay

Janice Kay has been the Provost and Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Exeter since August 2014. In her role as Provost, Janice is responsible for the oversight of the University’s key strategies and operational delivery. Before commencing her current role, Janice spent ten years as the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Education, from August 2004 to July 2014.
She is a Professor of Cognitive Neuropsychology whose research is concerned with theoretical modelling, assessment and rehabilitation of disorders of perception, speech, language and memory. Her evidence-based work encompasses a wide range of conditions including stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury and dementias.

In a long line of professional achievements, the first thing that springs to mind for Janice is writing, being interviewed for and being awarded a Wellcome Trust University Lectureship. She explains: “There are other things that I'm proud of, all involving the work of many people, and being Provost is a wonderful role, but the Wellcome position got me to Exeter, and I'm grateful that the Psychology Department supported my application!”

Referring to this year’s theme of International Women’s Day, ‘equality for women is progress for all’, Janice comments: “Obviously societies with better gender equality have better economic development, social justice, health, education, anti-discrimination and child support, but it starts locally and it's constant vigilance and action.”

Although finding it difficult to choose one person, Janice says that professionally, Professor Vicki Bruce – perhaps best known for her work on human face perception and person memory – has been a great role model and mentor. “She taught me first as an undergraduate and encouraged me to aim high (as she did) for my PhD,” she said. “She's one of the six nominees (along with Steve Smith) for The Guardian's most inspiring HE leader in their University Awards 2015. I like the way she smiles as she speaks and her research is remarkable. But I'd like to celebrate all the brilliant women in this university who are all role models; they should realise that if they don't.”

Janice, who says her greatest joy is when her family are happy, said that she refrains from giving advice to others because “there is a fine line to being patronising”. Instead, she says she tries to “live an examined life.”