Professor Jennifer Littlechild

Professor Jennifer Littlechild (1990s)

Professor Littlechild is a biochemist and structural biologist who has influenced many women to develop careers in STEM subjects. Of the 40 PhD students she has supervised during her time in Exeter, over half have been women.

Littlechild’s research has had a major impact on global understanding of enzyme structure and their function and application in biotechnology and medicine. She has been Professor of Biological Chemistry at the University since 1999, as well as Director of Exeter Biocatalysis Centre.

Over the span of her career, Littlechild has published over 160 peer-reviewed articles, and the majority of the PhD students she has supervised have remained in scientific careers, progressing to senior positions.

To those considering a scientific career, Jennifer advises that they should work hard and not let themselves be undermined or dominated by anybody.